The wildest stretch

of the Upper Meuse...

A cruise for your wedding

Desire to celebrate your wedding venue in an original, surprising and unusual location?


We can transform your dreams into reality giving you and your guests the chance to live a unique day aboard our prestigious boat Le Sax. In the evening, the illumination of the banks adds a romantic touch to your cruise. Le Sax can accommodate up to 250 passengers and is sure to make your day, the day to remember.

A luxury boat


Le Sax is a 2 level luxury boat that disposes of a front discovery deck aswell as a large rear deck. Aboard you will find a restaurant dining room, a panoramic lounge, a bar and a dance floor that you can personalize at your will, both for a traditional or an oriental style wedding.  

A customized programme, suiting your liking and your budget ...

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Dinant Evasion event organizers will support you in elaborating your perfect day. They will help you find the formula that suits you best.

Banquet and wedding reception

buffet on the rear deck

You intrust us with our long experience within catering events by opting for our catering formula. As well as the idyllic surroundings for your ceremony that will dazzle and charm your guests with our culinary expertise.
It is of course always possible to choose your own caterer. In such cases, they must be aware of the peculiarities of the boat's kitchen (dimensions, operating).

A cruise on the river Meuse or elsewhere


You are also free to choose your tour : whether you prefer the atmosphere of urban rivier cities of Belgium or more rustic, wild landscapes of the Upper river Meuse, the SAX will take you where your heart desires.

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