During the kayak trip down the river Lesse, it is possible to stop at one of the snack bars settled on the riverbanks (mainly at the camping site Paradisio in Gendron and Villatoile). At the arrival point in Anseremme, you can opt for some chips at our cafeteria or something else at the ‘Bluesless' pub tavern. Special formulas are available in Anseremme for groups over 20 people. At the adventure park, there is no food except for pre-booked group meals for minimum 20 people.

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Capabilities of our different venues and catering.
After such an effort, euphoria ! Dinant Evasion has revamped its Pub « the Bluesless » and offers several solutions for your hot and quick meals in Anseremme.
Dinant Adventure can guarantee festive meals along with rustic atmosphere on lush greenery grounds !
A day off 100% Dinant!
On the eve of the festivities 15th August, come and be swept away by the waves enjoying the live performance of a Jazz band.
Before starting an adventurous day or for those who started their day early, stock up your energy and try one of our Dinant Evasion breakfasts.

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