20 kms from Dinant, in the town of Lustin, explore the underground cavities of the ‘Haquin' hole or the Church hole and cross the famous « Letter box ».

Accompanied by our experienced caving instructors, head down to the « Trou(hole) d'Haquin » in Lustin situated near Dinant, a real wild undeveloped cave.

Highly varied, the «Trou d'Haquin » gives you a nice overview of the different obstacles and landscapes that you may encounter underground. 

Sporty, this teaching cave is accessible to all. Depending on sports level, ease and motivation of your group, our instructors can lead you to more or less difficulties through the many loops and different circuits spicing or sweetening your journey.


Package per group of 12:350 EUR
Overall optional but recommended:5 EUR/pers


Do you wish a complete day of relaxation for your associates?

Why not combine this activity with a special barbecue-cruise or an evening on "The Love Boat" theme?
And, to perfectly enjoy your day, stay at the Ibis hotel in the town center of Dinant for the night! The boat “Le Sax” can moor immediately at its dock so that your guests can fully enjoy the party.

Hotel Ibis Dinant


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