Enjoy the

Combine adventure "Ardennes + kayak"

Total time : +/- 5h30

  • Duration: adventure programme : 2 hour 30 + short kayak trip: 2 hours 30
  • Vehicle required - Distance between activities = ± 8 km, from Dinant Adventure to our ticket office in Anseremme.

Spend an unforgettable day at Dinant Evasion !

1st activity : « Ardennes » Challenge (2h30)

  • Initiation course: Passageway of rope bridges (2 m high) familiarizes you with the use of safety of the equipment provided.

  • High flying course: Above the ground, let yourself slide along a succession of rope bridges (beams, planks, logs with irregular spacing) to reach the top of the rock. A tour of the rocky amphitheater on bridges of more or less 5 to 50 m of length and 12 meters above the ground.

  • Telepherique: Throw yourself into the void from the top of a 35 m rock. No need to be afraid, an instructor handles the security of your descent.

  • Underground course: Conclude with a 120 m underground maze, strewn with obstacles. You will be amazed !

In prime, overlook the Meuse valley and enjoy a magnificent view. Sensations guaranteed !

2nd activity: 12 kms of wilderness by kayak (2h30)

You will finish your programme with a 12 kms kayak trip from Gendron to Anseremme in classic two-seater kayaks.


Ardennes + Kayak (1)Ardennes + kayak
+ Shuttle kayak (2)
Individuals45,15 €/pers. 46,50 €/pers.
(min. 20 pers.)
42,25 €/pers. 45,50 €/pers.
Scouts & Youth associations
(min. 20 pers.)
37,95 €/pers.41,00 €/pers.
(min. 20 pers.)
31,50 €/pers.
34,50 €/pers.
Children (- de 12 ans) :
- 2,50 €/child

(1) Transport between the different activities are insured by yourself.
(2) Shuttle included from Anseremme to Gendron. This way you can park your vehicle at the arriving point and catch a bus/train to the departure point of the kayak trip.