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Competition - 40 years of kayaking down the Lesse

It's our birthday ... & our gifts are for you!

Kayaking down the river Lesse, it's a great adventure for 40 years with Dinant Evasion.

And it sounds like time to offer you free entrance tickets to thank you for this success, isn't it?

Every week, win 2 tickets to enjoy a free perfect day on the river Lesse!


Find the answers of these questions, from Monday to Friday, en check your mailbox on Sunday to see if you are the winner of the week.

Question 1

Our Super Comfy kayak are equipped with :

  • Ergonomic seats
  • Reclining seats
  • A secret system that make them so safe that they NEVER capsize

Question 2 - Subsidiary

How many answers will we receive during this week? (from July, 25 to the 28)

Send your answers by mail to with your first name and last name, & cross your fingers until Sunday!


Looking forward to welcome you,
The team Dinant Evasion