Open all year round!

Electric boats without a license

Spree and explore the intricacies of the Upper Meuse between Dinant and Anseremme. Dinant Evasion disposes of 15 electric boats.

Comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly, these silent self-driven boats can accomodate up to seven people aboard. Simple and easy to steer, a single lever to change direction and speed. This activity allows traditional introductory boating to a wide audience.

Boarding and back take place next to the bridge of Dinant.

A few safety precautions must be respected by participants:

  • Life jackets compulsory for all

  • Respect fishermen

  • Maximum 7 people aboard, at least two adults if there are children aboard

  • Prohibition to sail in demarcated buoy areas

  • Do not approach shorelines within 15 meters or locks wihtin 100 meters.

  • Stay clear of barges, boats and kayaks.

  • Prohibiton of stamping

  • Do not throw trash in the water

Note : this activity is not easily accessible to people with severe disabilities.