Due to new requirements of the Public Services of Wallonia, to keep the maintain of our license, we must be able to identify each personne using our kayaks.

To do this, we must identify one personne per group/family/school who settles the payment at the cash desk.

If you are a group of 10 people and have each made an individual booking and prefer to pay separately, each personne must then identify themselves.

Conversely, four families that have come together and that have one single booking and purchase one common ticket, only one identification is necessary for the group.

For schools, the coordinates of the teacher who made the booking will be sufficient for all students.


Procedure :

For people who have booked in advance, by phone, fax, e-mail or via the booking form on our website, there is nothing more to do. Go to point 3.

For people who have not booked in advance :

  1. You will have to identify yourself before passing at the cash desk. For this, terminals are now placed before the ticket offices in Anseremme, with ID card readers or touchscreens for manual coding.
    Warning : 1 identification = 1 payment ; separate payments = separate identifications .

  2. You will receive an ID ticket that you will give at the next step to the cashier to purchase your activity tickets.
    So please prepare your money in advance in order to save time. One payment per group.
  3. At the cash desk, you will receive a ticket per activity and a ticket for the bus or train (if necessary).

  4. In the bus or train, give the ticket to the transport controller.
  5. At the departure of the kayaks in Houyet or in Gendron, present your activity ticket. You will receive in return :
            - A KAYAK ticket whose color indicates the model chosen. One ticket per kayak,
            - An OPTION ticket resuming the options of the group (normal or sport paddles),
            - An ID ticket (one per kayak)
    Lifejackets and airtight buckets are freely distributed at the boarding point upon request.

  6. Present your OPTION ticket to the attendant when passing in front of the chalet before boarding.  Preserve your KAYAK and ID ticket for the next step.

  7. For the kayaks, queue up according to the different color of your KAYAK ticket.

  8. Finally, give your ticket to the member of our staff at the boarding as well as your ID ticket.

  9. This ticket will be scanned and be connected to the chip number on the kayak in which you will board.  
    Indeed, each kayak is the bearer of a registration number and is equipped with an electronic chip.

From this summer, the Police and Nature & Division officers will be carrying out controls upon the river in order to respect the following rules :

  • Prohibition to picnic outside authorized zones,

  • Prohibition of making campfires,

  • Obligation to pass the 2nd cascade before 18 :00 p.m. (17 :00 p.m. before 15/06),
    Obligation to arrive at the arrival in Anseremme before 20 :00 p.m. (19 :00 p.m. before 15/06),

  • Prohibition of throwing rubbish in the water,

  • Prohibition of disrupting nature and animals,

  • Prohibition of inadvertently making noise,

  • Obligation de respect the other users upon the river, including fishermen and residents,

  • Prohibition of degrading the banks.

Inspections will be carried out remotely, based on the registration number of your kayak.

In case of violation, you will receive a fine to pay by post.
It is up to the responsible of the group to forward the invitation payment to the members that who committed the offense.

So supervise your kayak at break stops in order not change kayak with another.


Dear customers, friends and nature lovers of our beautiful region, if it is already your philosophy to respect Mother Nature, no need to change your behavior.

Pour les autres, à vos risques et périls. Pollueurs = payeurs.

Aidez-nous à entretenir et conserver notre patrimoine nature pour pouvoir profiter encore longtemps des joies de la rivière.