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Dinant Evasion is committed to the protect the environment of the river Lesse !

Battle against antisocial behavior and trash, the solution : customer identification.

Anxious to preserve the river and the so exceptional  framework of our activities, a monitoring and identification system of clients will be implemented starting this spring.

Practical :

Besides usual procedures at the ticket offices, each client must now encode their identity on the computer before receiving their tickets.

Every kayak is equipped with a numbered list chip.

When boarding, the identity of the client will be linked to the number of the kayak in which they take place.

Why ?

When the Police will note an offence on the river Lesse (such as garbage dumbing, wild barbecues, dangerous behavior, etc.), they will be able to  identify the client at the arrival thanks to the numbered chip on the kayak. Therefore they will be officially penalized by the authorities for their behavior.

What difference does this change make for you ?

Two obligations :

  • Behave responsibly during your kayak trip by respecting instructions indicated on the panels at the different boarding points, on  airtight buckets, on tickets and on the website ;

  • Ensure that you do not exchange your kayak with anyone, especially during any stops on your route.

Is it really necessary and useful ?

Despite our previous awareness efforts, there are more than 10 rubbish bags that are collected each week on the banks of the river Lesse. Not to mention, the dozens of barbecues lit on protected areas despite basic safety and environmental rules, or stops on private properties.

To maintain the beautiful appearance of the river, respect of nature and local residents is essential.

The river Lesse is a natural river that runs through a protected site. Dinant Evasion encourages a balance of respect between the environment and kayaking.

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Dinant Evasion commits to:

  • To respect and ensure respect regulations concerning the water level of the river Lesse,
      - minimum water level: environmental preservation
      - maximum water level: users safety

  • To respect and ensure respect regulations regarding boarding hours, at the beginning and end of the day: during the high season, a daily« broom » kayak sweeps the users back to arrival point.

  • To raise awareness to our customers (briefing « 10 responsible behaviors » is posted on the equipment, etc.)

  • To clean the river Lesse: during the high season, a cleaning crew make a daily journey down the river to collect any waste and check the status of the signage.

  • To install and maintain infrastructures: new sanitary facilities since 2011 (toilet, showers, pump station), numerous dustbins.

  • To limit the number of kayaks in circulation.

  • To confine the course
      - Helps emergency interventions in case of problems (immediate location),
      - Allows users to locate reception and sanitary areas,

  • To maintain vegetation around the river (broken branches, trees, etc.)

All this, without obligation and expenses !

Your participation:

  • Do not abandon garbage along the way. Bins and toilets are available on the authorized banks.

  • The river Lesse is a protected river: it is forbidden to stop beyond appointed dining areas. Authorized beaches along the river are indicated and will allow to eat while respecting the environment (dustbins and sanitaries). During halts, dock your kayak, take your paddles, your airtight box and life jacket.

  • Respect the fishermen by avoiding passing too close to them so that they can also benefit of a relaxing day.