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historicDinant Adventure Park is located on the old quarry Penant site since 1998. The Walloon Region who owns the site, has intrusted us with this unused reassigned site which was in danger to be turned into a discharge. Nature and Forest Division (DNF) are responsible for the monitoring of the site, and ensures the smooth reassignement while respecting a maximum nature.

We note today that development of this nature sports activity associated to tourism, environmentally friendly and supporting local economy, is beneficial to sanitation, maintenance and supervision of the site.

This passage from a published article on the Walloon Inter-environment Federation Associations website serving the environment testifies « overall, it is clear that impact of recreational activities are low and has not endangered species present on the site. Negative developments in the areas are almost all involved in the overgrowth and spontaneous afforestation that always appear at the end of the mining. The reason of the status quo is definitely the respect of recommendations made at 1998 Biological inventory : definde paths, establishing plants in areas less rich in biodiversity, etc.» Link to article

A monitoring committee consisting of DNF specialists meet up regularly to evaluate the actions, accomplishments and future management of the site.

In collaboration with the DNF of the Walloon Region, Dinant Aventure commits to respect these basic criteria:

  • No boisterous and environmentally unfriendly activities
  • Limitation of facility adjustments
  • Prohibition of motor sports and vehicles on the site
  • Respect and protect ecological interesting areas on the site
  • Establishment of a monitoring committee to review collaboration progress and to discuss development projects.
  • Home office powered with solor panel, water recuperation.
  • Drafting of a teaching guide
  • Training of safety and environmental monitors
       - Prohibition to drive on banned off trails (respect vegetation)
       - Optimal coaching: an instructor for every 15 people
  • To raise customer awareness
       - Educational role: interesting arguments and nature convservation of the site
       - Signs explaining biological interest of the site
       - Organized nature tours to discover the park : history, geology, flora and fauna

The park is classified Natura 2000 and presents a remarkable flora and fauna that Dinant Evasion honours and values.

Dinant aventure flora