Our EVENT department will be able to advise you for all your corporate events : seminars, conferences, press conferences, product launches, etc. Backed with 30 years experience, we will make your event a day to remember !

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Mens sana in corpore sano ! At Dinant Evasion, one can fully escape everyday chaos, liberating mind, soul as well legs and arms...
Capabilities of our different venues and catering.
New gem of Dinant Evasion, the SAX can accommodate up to 250 people aboard. The SAX sails all year round, night and day, between Dinant and Givet, but upon request can also travel through major canals of Belgium.
Un défi mêlant réflexion et sens de l'orientation, à relever en équipe !

Durée : ± 2h30 à max. 4h
On board of the boat « Le Sax », receive your clients, leads or co-workers in a festive and fairy like atmosphere!
Organize your corporate event on one of our fully equipped boats. Ideal for conferences, team-buildings, customer receptions, product launches, etc.
Rise to the Challenge developing team spirit by solving various tests + "Ardennes" Challenge.

Duration : ± 4h