Enjoy the

Lesse Trophy

Total time : +/- 4h00

An inter-team challenge with the river Lesse as main theme !

This very playful program is a cocktail of challenges and traps, spread all along the descent of the river. At a third of the trip, the chronometer starts counting and the points pile up... The winning team being the one with the lesser points, motivation is high to succeeding in the challenges and winning back a maximum of bonuses in order to get to that podium. Mutual help, quickness, perspicacity, and dexterity will be necessary to achieve your goal.

Double-seater kayaks super comfort, the most comfortable model of the assortment, are at your disposal for the descent. It is an exclusive model, super light, with ergonomic bucket seat, light paddles and waterproof container.

From the start on, you'll have to find the second paddle of each kayak. Further away, a search in a magical cave porch will allow you to find precious colored pearls which will be very useful for the next challenge 500m away. Upon getting out of the cave, it will be time to really kayak for the chronometer starts.

However, this beautiful run-up will get interrupted one kilometer further away to disembark and achieve a double challenge. One that requires everyone's strength, and another that necessitates a good balance.

After this, the race continues. Upon arrival at the chronometer, after having passed the two little rapids, it is time to disembark once more and go on a mini dropping during which each team, in order to continue the trip, will have to discover three hidden beacons placed in three remarkable prehistorical caves.

During the entire time, a little questionnaire on logics and the splendid nature around you will allow you to win some additional bonuses.

The chronometer being stopped, you can go back to your kayaks more relaxed, but a last very particular challenge consisting in embarking a kayak in a certain way awaits before you can carry on the last two kilometers of the river and reach the end where warm showers and a regional beer will be well appreciated while waiting for the results.


The descent of the Lesse is an unforgettable escape in nature, far away from the daily stress and modern world. The river winds around and through varied landscapes with medieval castles, natural parks, daring rocks, prehistoric caves... and let's not forget the two rapids to cross. Boundary stones on the banks inform you on your position and the distance left to kayak.


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We also provide 2-days stay with accomodation at the IBIS hotel or at the Castel de Pont-à-Lesse

Contact us and ask for a tailor-made offer.
One single person who organize your whole stay!


From 59,00 €/pers. (minimum 20 participants)