Enjoy the

Navigability on the river Lesse

When everything is ok :

Kayaking on the river Lesse is usually :

  • Open from 06/04 to 27/10

  • Accessible for beginners

  • And children are allowed to board in from the age of 5,

But no always!


The Lesse is a lively and changing river at any season and access restrictions can be applied.

When the water level varies, in case of high water or drought, we indicate each morning at 08.30 am on our News and Facebook page Descente de la Lesse what the flag (see chart below) and conditions of the day are.

Regardless the season, before departure, it is each's responsibility to check for his/hers family or group he/she represents (minimum age/ sports level) whether it is possible or not to kayak !

Clients who made a reservation are warned by e-mail in case of restrictions or closure. That is why it is highly recommended to register.

DINANT EVASION S.A.  cannot be held responsible in case of :

  • Unannounced closing of the activities for safety reasons,

  • The Walloon Region forbidding navigation for environment protection purposes,

  • Unread e-mails or e-mails that were read too late.


For your information :

You can prepare your trip by consulting the 2 websites down below.

To avoid any interpretation mistake, please do ALWAYS refer to our News and Facebook page Descente de la Lesse.


In case of drought :

The Walloon Region updates the waterway chart each morning between 08.00 am and 08.30 am.

Clic on the picture to enter the official website :

Navigabilité de la Lesse


In case of high water :

The Walloon Region determines the navigation conditions by measuring the level of the Lesse each morning between 06.00 am and 08.00 am

Official website : www.voies-hydrauliques.wallonie.be

Water level
RestrictionColor of our flags 
0 to 13/18* cm
Navigation prohibited.
Closed due to dryness, too low.
niveau noir
13/18* to 70 cmEasy navigation
Minimum age 5 years, life jacket compulsory under 10 years.
niveau bleu
71 to 80 cmVigilant navigation
Minimum age 8 years, life jacket compulsory for all.
niveau vert
81 to 90 cmExperienced navigation
Minimum age 12 years, life jacket compulsory for all. Briefing before departure.
niveau orange
90 to 99 cmFor sportsmen only
Minimum age 15 years, life jacket compulsory for all. Briefing before departure.
niveau rouge
From 100 cmThe entire river is closed because of flooding, too high.
niveau noir
(*) when the water level come so low, the Walloon Region may decide to forbid kayaking in order to protect the nature.