Open all year round!

Orientation - enigmas

Total time : +/- 2h00

Your are divided into groups of 3 to 5 people.

Each group is given a map and question form (enigmas to solve).

The purpose of the game is to find the 10 tags (checkpoints) as quickly as possible and to respond the best possible to our questionnaire. Tags are all spread around our 18 hectare park.

The questionnaire consists of riddles, logical enigmas and specific questions about the unique environment of our site.

To solve these, you will be helped by information panels on the site.

An example :

A man can transport or carry upon his canoe one object or animal at a time. If he must cross over the river a cabbage, a goat and a wolf. Well, he can not leave the cabbage and the goat alone otherwise there will be not more cabbage, yummy in my tummy. Likewise if he leaves the wolf and the goat together alone, bye bye Mrs Goat. How can we take everyone to the other side of the river safely, knowing that the man is the only one able to steer the boat !

The first team to arrive will be of course the winners ! But there again, have they got the right answers to the questionnaire and have they won enough points...

May the best man win !


12 EUR/pers.for groups of min. 20 people.

With less than 20 people you have to pay the forfait of 240 €.