Enjoy the

Paintball + kayak

Total time : +/- 4h00

  • Duration: paintball: ± 1 hour 30, short kayak trip: ± 2 hours 30,
  • From 10 players
  • Minimum age: 14 years
  • Vehicle required - Distance between activities = ± 14 km from the adventure park to our office in Anseremme.

Ideal to share a crazy fun day with your family, friends or colleagues.

Paintball, experience a unique opportunity to develop group strategy and to surprise the opposite team.

On our field of half an acre landscape with castles, cottages, obstacles and watchtowers, several scenarios are possible : cap the flag, castle attack, rabbit hunting, etc.

Every player receives an air gun, a safety mask, an overall and 100 colored paintballs.

Later relax and enjoy the 12 kms kayak tour down the river Lesse from Gendron to Anseremme, in classic two-seater kayak with crossing of the two rapids.


  • MINIMUM AGE : 14 years old

  • BASIC PACKAGE : 100 paintballs

Paintball + Kayak (1)Paintbaal + kayak
+ shuttle kayak (2)
From 10 pers.47,15 €/pers.49,50 €/pers.
From 15 pers.45,15 €/pers.47,50 €/pers.
From 20 pers. 42,25 €/pers.44,50 €/pers.
(Min. 20 pers.)
35,00€ /pers. 38,00 €/pers.
Optionnal :
Additional paintballs

PROMO 2020 : 3,50 €/100 extra balls
in place of 7 €

(1) Transport between the different activities are insured by yourself.
(2) Shuttle included from Anseremme to Gendron. This way you can park your vehicle at the arriving point and catch a bus/train to the departure point of the kayak trip.