Enjoy the

Paintball + kayak

Total time : +/- 4h00

  • Duration: paintball: ± 1 hour 30, short kayak trip: ± 2 hours 30,
  • From 10 players
  • Minimum age: 14 years
  • Vehicle required - Distance between activities = ± 14 km from the adventure park to our office in Anseremme.

Ideal to share a crazy fun day with your family, friends or colleagues.

Paintball, experience a unique opportunity to develop group strategy and to surprise the opposite team.

On our field of half an acre landscape with castles, cottages, obstacles and watchtowers, several scenarios are possible : cap the flag, castle attack, rabbit hunting, etc.

Every player receives an air gun, a safety mask, an overall and 100 colored paintballs.

Later relax and enjoy the 12 kms kayak tour down the river Lesse from Gendron to Anseremme, in classic two-seater kayak with crossing of the two rapids.


Price = pack of 100 paintballs:

Additional paintballs : 7 € /100 balls

Paintball + Kayak (1)Paintbaal + kayak
+ shuttle kayak (2)
From 10 pers.43,50 €/pers.46,50 €/pers.
From 15 pers.39,50 €/pers.42,50 €/pers.
From 20 pers.37,50 €/pers.39,50 €/pers.
(Min. 20 pers.)
35,00€ /pers. 37,00 €/pers.
Children (- de 12 ans) :
- 2,50 €/child

(1) Transport between the different activities are insured by yourself.
(2) Shuttle included from Anseremme to Gendron. This way you can park your vehicle at the arriving point and catch a bus/train to the departure point of the kayak trip.