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The river Lesse


Canoeing down the Lesse between Houyet, Gendron and Anseremme:  jpg format Dinant evasion kayak tour Lesse

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The Lesse winds around and through beautiful landscapes, medieval castles, natural parks, prehistoric caves, daring rocks, pebble banks, etc.

Kayaking on the river Lesse is accessible to all (children accompanied from 5 years over) and presents no real difficulty. Beginners will quickly learn how to steer their boat. The river Lesse is not very deep: in average 60 m deep but with some deeper areas, especially near the rocks (up to 30 meters deep).

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Dinant Evasion offers two starting points : the long trip (21 kms) starts in Houyet, while the short tour (12 kms) starts halfway in Gendron. Both routes end at Anseremme in front of the ticket office. Long or short trip, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the 2 rapids (difference of 50 cm), fun and safe to cross.

The Lesse winds initially through the woods and the nature park of Furfooz. The circuit then runs along the cliffs of «les Aiguilles de Chaleux » to then, arrive at the first rapid, which will offer you a stunning view of the castle of Walzin.

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Some tips to pass the rapids:

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  • Castle of Walzin: Stick to the right shore of the river, alongside the stone wall. Cross the rapid, pressing the right bank, as perpendicular as possible.

  • Bridge Pont-à-Lesse: go left, at about 3 m from the shore.

Navigation permission

The descent of the river Lesse in kayak depends highly on weathers conditions.

The river remains a natural and wild element: pay attention and adopt a responsible behavior.

It is recommended to consult the water level to evaluate access restrictions.

Legend of water level indications:

black level

Level 0 black : 0 to 13 cm.

The entire river is closed because the water level is too low.
blue levelLevel 1 – blue: 18 to 70 cm.
asy navigation.
Minimum age: 5 years, life jacket compulsory under 10 years.
green levelLevel 2 – green: 71 to 80 cm.
Vigilant navigation, minimum age: 8 years, life jacket compulsory for all.
orange levelLevel 3 – orange: 81 to 90 cm.
Experienced navigation , minimum age: 12 years, life jackets compulsory for all.
red levelLevel 4 – red: 90 to 99 cm.
For sportsmen, minimum age: 15 years, life jackets compulsory for all.
Briefing before departure.
black levelLevel 5 – black: 100 cm and more, the entire river is closed because the water level is too high.  

An exceptional site

The river Lesse is a protected river : it is forbidden to stop beyond appointed dining areas. Authorized beaches along the river are indicated and will allow to eat while respecting the environment (dustbins and sanitaries).

During halts, dock your kayak, take your paddles, your airtight box and life jacket.

Respect the fishermen by avoiding passing too close to them so that they can also benefit of a relaxing day.

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