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Seminar + adventure

Seminar + adventure, when work ryhmes with fun

At the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, we offer a combining work session programme while discovering the valley of the river Meuse. Relevez de nombreux défis pour développer votre esprit d'équipe, d'aventure, de solidarité et d'initiative à l'image de votre société,/Raise numerous challenges to develop your team spirit, adventure, solidartiy and intiative to the image of your company. sous la conduite de moniteurs professionnels./Led by professional instructors.

Example of a typical adventure seminar:

In the morning: seminar aboard our boat The SAX or in the Hotel ** Castel de Pont à Lesse (hall equipped with audio and video)

Coffee break

Midday: lunch, local speciality buffet (drinks not included)

In the afternoon: departure (with your own vehicles) towards Dinant adventure park for a team-building challenge (4 hours):

First activity : Team building course ( 2 h )

Whithin a group of people, you will face certain challenges to help you develop your spirit of adventure, your team spirit and learn to take initiatives. (Cross the wall, clear the mine field, build a bridge, save your colleague ....)

Second activity: " Ardennes " Challenge

  • Initiation course : A set of 4 rope bridges, 2 m from the ground to familiarize the clients with all the safety equipment provided ... a first step to adventure.

  • High flying course : You leave the ground by a succession of rope bridges (beams, planks, logs with irregular spacing) to reach the top of the cliffs. You will go round the rocky amphitheatre on rope bridges of an average length of 50 m and more or less 12 m high.

  • Cable-car : Throw yourself from the cliff, 35 m from the ground. An instructor will supervise your descent in complete safety.

  • Underground course : A 120 m underground labyrinth ridden with obstacles... surprising !


Price per person
from 76 EUR excluding of VAT