Open all year round!

Sensations, and security!

The Dinant Evasion adventure park

The Dinant adventure park invites you to test both courage and boldness.

Dinant aventure rope bridge

It groups several entertaining and impressive courses:

  • 40 rope bridges, including one of the highest in Belgium, suspended at a height of 2 to 60 m and joining platforms installed in the trees or on the rock.
    Different type of challenges : bridges, pulley drops even more breathtaking and fast, crossings in barrels, logs and beams, up and down ladders or nets or even the Tarzan jump.
  • 4 thrilling activities: the death ride, the tyrolienne, the funcable and the telepherique for a feel of velocity and vaulting above the vacuum.

Our Dinant Aventure Team is composed of over 30 experienced instructors, competent and enthusiastic. All Dinant Aventure monitors have trained at the Belgian Sports Federation or at the Para Commando Center of Marche-les-Dames.

Dinant aventure tree climbing course

Some guides are holders of diplomas delivered by the Government educational mountaineering, caving and climbing and by the BEPS (European Patent First Aid). Other leaders are also nature guides.
A certified and multilingual guide accompanies each group throughout the day and ensures your safety.

Safety equipment provided :

  • Helmet
  • Eight and holder hooks
  • Harnesses
  • Ropes
  • Carabiners

Dinant aventure material helmet

This equipment is used to link participants to the lifeline. The life line is a cable that runs along each path and ensures your safety in case of fall.

None of these activities are compulsory : there is always time to turn around even once begun. For people accompanying who do not wish to participate, it is possible to follow the group through walking paths.