Open all year round!

The SAX, luxury boat

New gem of Dinant Evasion, the prestigious M.S. SAX will make of your event a total success along these riverside cruise.

The SAX can welcome up to 250 people aboard and travels throughout most of the Belgian channels.

The boat is ideal for organizing personalized:

  • Business events such as press conferences, seminars, product launches, exhibitions, workshops, staff parties, etc. 

  • Family events : weddings, birthdays, Holy communion, etc.

  • Theme cruises, dance cruises, gourmet cruises, bridge tournaments, concerts, castle visits, exhibitions... anything is possible !

The SAX has a front discovery deck and a large rear deck available on two floors, a dining room that can accommodate 120 seated people, a panoramic lounge with 60 seats on the first floor, a bar, a dancing floor and a kitchen equipped for cooking hot meals, as well as sanitaries and electrical capacities necessary to make your event a success.


In the evening, the riverside lighting increases the charm of your cruise.  

For you to decide your personalized programme':

  • With or without catering (hot or cold savoury menus)

  • Presentation equipment available

  • Various areas available

  • Individual decoration depending on the theme of your event

Features of the SAX:

  • length of 37 meters by 6.5 meters wide

  • front discovery deck on two floors and a wide rear deck with 30 seats

  • sheltered terrace with 30 seats

  • dining room that can accommodate up to 110 seated people

  • panoramic lounge with 70 seats

  • dancing floor

  • bar and kitchen (steam oven, 6 hobs, extractor, dishwasher, plate warmers, fridge)

  • easily accessible for people with disabilitieson the ground level, men and women facilities

  • 220 power volt - 100 kw

  • central heating