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Because you can also live the adventure

both feet on the ground


The valleys of the Lesse and Meuse offer dozens of walking possibilities and at least as many amazing viewpoints or breathtaking panoramas. 


A walk in the heart of nature


At the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes, we invite you to (re)discover the rich flora of our regions. Opt for a stroll that will awaken your 5 senses, with the added bonus of surprising wild and forest flavors, or for a gentle run in search of the lost treasure of Mosane and Mosarex!


fauna and flora discovery tour

treasure quest

At your own pace,


Relaxation, gourmet or a little more sporty version ? The choice is yours :

Orienteering-puzzle Team Building version
Day or night hiking rally


or full time sport !


Ready to face the valleys to deserve the most beautiful views with pride ?


mountain bike ride


A trip for your teambuilding ?

And why not ? Discover all our teambuilding offers on our Company pages.

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Mountain bike rides

Cycling, where "all-terrain" takes on its full meaning !

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Fauna & flora discovery tour

Guided walk through the Dinant Aventure Park, which is classified as a Natura 2000 area.

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Marche gourmande de jour ou de nuit

Effort léger et réconfort en simultané !

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Orienteering-riddles race teambuilding version

Teambuilding action & reflexion !

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Orientation-riddles race

Beacon hunt in the Adventure Park !

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Hiking rally

A challenge combining reflection and a sense of direction, to be taken up in teams!

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Treasure Quest

Mosane and Mosarex, a magical tale for a fantastic quest !

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