Kayak Activity

Access conditions

People with motor disabilities will have to provide assistance at the pontoons of the pier and landing stage.
We strongly recommend that people with reduced mobility who have motor or sensory impairments or difficulties in understanding should be accompanied at all times by an able-bodied person who knows how to swim and preferably has knowledge of the routes. Furthermore, no specific supervision is provided by the service provider.
We strongly advise against this activity for aquaphobic people, people who are easily tired and quadriplegic people;  
However, other people with reduced mobility who wish to risk this activity will be aware of the possible dangers.
A life jacket must be worn for this activity. Service dogs are welcome.

Special arrangements

Disabled car park spaces at your disposal near the Anseremme offices. We would like to point out that the route and its surroundings do not have the necessary facilities to accommodate people with reduced mobility. Only a larger WC is currently provided at the landing stage.

Two models of kayak are available: the single-seater and the two-seater, in standard or super comfort quality. We recommend the latter model for people with motor deficiencies. For an additional charge of a few euros, you will have access to light, stable, unsinkable equipment with an ergonomic seat.


Dinant Aventure Activities

Access conditions

Access to the activities of Dinant Aventure is only recommended for the most adventurous people with reduced mobility and sporting ability.
We recommend that these people are effectively supervised by able-bodied and sporty people. Furthermore, no specific supervision is provided by the service provider. 
Before taking part in a Dinant Aventure course, people with reduced mobility will be informed of the skills necessary or even essential for the smooth running of the activity. Indeed, physical activities such as the monkey bridge and other aerial courses, climbing, abseiling, zip line and many others, require the participant to have very good coordination of the lower and upper limbs. 
Some activities require the wearing of safety equipment (helmet, harness, etc.). 

Access to the Paint Ball activity is not authorised for people with reduced mobility. This activity requires, in addition to a high level of physical fitness, that participants use all their senses. The site is in no way adapted to the various reductions in mobility. The access and play area are impracticable and the furniture is not adapted. As a reminder, the activity is forbidden to children under the age of 14.

Access to the Speleology activity is not possible for people with motor disabilities. We do not recommend participation for visually impaired people due in particular to an unstable ground surface, insufficient widths and heights of passage. As a reminder, the activity is forbidden to children under the age of 10. 

Specific facilities

There are no sanitary facilities adapted for people with disabilities on the site. 


Electric Boats

Access conditions

Navigating a license free electric boat is not accessible to wheelchair users. 
These boats are not suitable.


Boat cruises on the Meuse  

Access conditions to cruise boats 

The boats reserved for short cruises (Ville de Dinant and Flandres III) are not accessible to wheelchair users. Inaccessibility is mainly due to the steps leading up to the boat.

The double-decker boats reserved for longer cruises (Le Copère, Le Mouche and Le Sax) can accommodate wheelchair users. However, getting on and off the boat will most likely require assistance. 
On Le Copère and Le Mouche, access to the different levels is only possible via a staircase that is difficult to walk up and down, and the toilets are narrow. We also emphasise that the many rows of fixed benches on the decks do not provide space for wheelchairs, but will nevertheless satisfy those who are easily tired.
On Le Sax, the lower level is wheelchair accessible and the toilet is on the same level. However, the toilets are not specifically designed for wheelchair users. A minimum of mobility is required to use them. The upper deck and terraces are only accessible via a gently sloping staircase. 

The cruises are accessible to people with sensory and intellectual disabilities. Service dogs are welcome.

Special facilities

There are benches at the quay level and near the boats. 
There are no disabled-friendly toilets on the boats.