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+/- 5:00

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Min. age
5* years old

The 21 km kayak trip is dedicated to all those who want to fully enjoy the Lesse valley. 

Embark on a trip of nearly 5 hours between Houyet and Anseremme, an almost complete immersion in a 100% natural and protected surrounding. 

As you kayak down the river, you will go through the wooded slopes, dotted with castles and impressive rocks and interspersed with pleasant spots where you can put down your paddles for a moment and let yourself be lulled by the waves.

To relax yes, but without forgetting the two dams to cross ! Two surprising little differences in height, accessible even to novices, just enough to add a little challenge to your trip ... or a little wetness perhaps !?

Check the level of the water

(*) Depending on the water level, navigation conditions and minimum age may vary! Always consult our page before your departure.






Included with each kayak :

  • Ultra-light "sport" paddle
  • A bucket to take a bottle of water, your sun cream, etc. as well as a bucket for your rubbish 
  • Life jackets( available on request in all sizes - compulsory for children under 10 years of age)
  • Access to changing rooms and hot showers on arrival in Anseremme (if authorized)


Optional :

Transport to the starting point of the kayaks

(necessary for people who join us by car)

Booking recommended

This is not mandatory but highly recommended as we are regularly sold out.

(No compulsory online payment - changes and cancellations are possible without charge)

Choice of kayak models :


Double seater kayak


"Biplace classique Descente de la Lesse"

A particularly stable and self-draining model. It is recommended for teenagers.


"Biplaces confort Descente de la Lesse"

Equipped with half-height seats, it offers better back support during efforts.


"Biplaces super confort Descente de la Lesse"

Equipped with real seats (ergonomic bucket seats) and footrests, this kayak is ideal for optimising your efforts.



"Monoplace super confort Descente de la Lesse"







"Canoe Descente de la Lesse"

The canoe (3 seats) is designed for a maximum of 2 adults + 1 child.

But it also works for 1 adult + 2 children (min. 8-9 years old in this case),
or to take a big dog for a journey with you !

The smallest doggies can sit between the knees of their owners.



Our advice

The 21km descent is perfect for a full day of relaxation. The river is perfectly accessible to inexperienced people, the dams do not present any major difficulty. No sporting level is required, however if you can't imagine paddling for 5 hours, you will enjoy the 12km descent better: a little less forest scenery, but still the castle, the 2 dams and superb views along the way. 


Prices 2024

Kayak Model All Inclusive Option All in w/o shuttle Option
Double seater Classic 29.50 €/pers.26.50 €/pers.
Double seater Comfort32.00 €/pers.28.50 €/pers.
Double seater Super Comfort34.50 €/pers.31.50 €/pers.
Single Super Comfort39.50 €/pers.35.50 €/pers.
Canoe (3 seats)27.50 €/pers.24.50 €/pers.
 -2.50 €/kid under 12 y.o 



Kayak Model All Inclusive OptionAll in w/o shuttle Option
Double seater Classic28.00 €/pers.25.00 €/pers.
Double seater Comfort30.50 €/pers27.00 €/pers.
Double seater Super Comfort33.00 €/pers.30.00 €/pers.
Single Super Comfort38.00 €/pers.34.00 €/pers.
Canoe (3 seats)26.00 €/pers.23.00 €/pers.
 -2.50 €/kid under 12 y.o 


Kayak guide (1 per 25 kayaks) :

  • Classic: 300 €.


Kayak Model All Inclusive Option All in w/o shuttle Option
Double seater Classic  25.50 €/pers.22.50 €/pers.
Double seater Comfort28.00 €/pers24.50 €/pers.
Double seater Super Comfort30.50 €/pers.27.50 €/pers.
Single Super Comfort35.50 €/pers.31.50 €/pers.
Canoe (3 seats)23.50 €/pers.20.50 €/pers.
 -2.50 €/kid under 12 y.o 


Kayak Model All Inclusive  All in w/o shuttle Option
Double seater Classic 19.00 €/pers.16.00 €/pers.
Double seater Comfort20.00 €/pers17.00 €/pers
Double seater Super Comfort22.00 €/pers.19.00 €/pers.
Single Super Comfort22.00 €/pers.19.00 €/pers.


Kayak guide (1 per 25 kayaks) :

  • Classic: 300 €.


Do you join us by car ?

Meet us at the arrival in Anseremme. The shuttle will take you to the starting point.

Address : Rue du vélodrome 15 - 5500 Anseremme (DINANT)

Consult our practical information page to organise your outing in the best possible way.


You join us by train or by coach ?

Go to the Gendron train station for immediate boarding !

Address : Rue de la station 1 - 5560 Houyet



Any other questions ?

Many answers are already at your disposal, let's have a look on

F. A. Q.

For timetables, organisation, catering and booking conditions, please go here

Practical information

While personalised advice and requests for quotes can be found there

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