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Is a booking required ?

For the 12 or 21km descent of the Lesse by kayak, it is not compulsory but it is highly recommended. On busy days we cannot guarantee the availability of the kayaks to people who have not made a reservation.

 For the combined kayaks as well as for the Lesse Trophy, it is indeed compulsory. 

For all details about bookings (modification, cancellation, etc.) go to the general F.A.Q. Dinant Evasion.


How to dress ? 

We advise you to wear a swimsuit underneath a sporty outfit (T-shirt, trainers, jeans, jumper and jacket in case of uncertain weather). You should also bring a complete change of clothes to leave in the coach or in your car so that you can change upon arrival. Glasses should ideally be secured with an elastic band or string.

Do not take any valuables, keys or mobile phones with you that you might lose in the river (there is no mobile phone network along the route).


What if it rains ? What if the level is too high or too low ?

The descent of the Lesse is perfectly feasible, even in case of rain.
In the event of floods or drought, the water level can vary significantly from one day to the next, forcing us to close the activity for safety and nature protection reasons.

In both cases, we make every effort to warn our clients and offer them a replacement programme. Please contact us for confirmation (+32 (0)


How does the shuttle service work ?

When you come by car, we recommend that you leave it at the arrival in Anseremme with a change of clothes inside.

The shuttle then brings you to the starting point of the descent, and you return by kayak to the car. 

This way, once the activity is over, you are very close to your vehicle, as well as hot showers and changing rooms to change your clothes in the best conditions.  

Out of respect for the neighbourhood and other clients, we ask you not to undress in the car parks.


Is there a car park ?

Ample free car parks are available to leave your car at our different boarding points.


I've lost something, how can I find it back ?

Given the enormous quantity of objects of all kinds lost or forgotten by customers, it is strictly impossible to provide a sorting or storage service for the various items.

Anything we find is systematically thrown away at the end of the day, without any further treatment. 


I've booked for the long descent, how does it work ?

Consult our schedules on kayak access page.


I have booked for the short descent, how does it go ?

Consult our schedules on kayak access page.


Are dogs allowed ?

Yes, they are. Small dogs who can sit between their owner's knees are free of charge, large dogs who sit on their own are chargeable (same price as a human).

But no, we do not have ‘special‘ life jackets for dogs.


Is kayaking allowed to pregnant women?

The activity presents a number of risks, especially if the kayak capsizes: possible impact with the bottom of the riverbed, low temperature of the river, difficulty in intervening in rescue operations, given the configuration of the valley, etc. We therefore strongly advise against kayaking during pregnancy, and we disclaim all liability in this regard in the event of an incident.


Are the prices calculated per person or per kayak ?

Prices are fixed and are calculated per person, regardless of the age of the person.


Can we stop along the way ?

It is possible to stop at authorised docking areas. These are signposted. 

It is strictly forbidden to do so anywhere else on the Lesse, and offenders are liable to fines up to 250 € in the event of a breach.


For beginners, do you recommend the long or the short descent ?

The 12km trip (Gendron-Anseremme) is shorter, so it is ideal for younger people or for groups who wish to do a second activity on the same day. 

The 21km trip (Houyet-Anseremme, approx. 5h) is not more difficult than the 2h30 course, it is simply longer.


What is the level of difficulty of the dams ?

The dams have a difference in height of 1m, so they can be crossed by everyone. 


What is the maximum weight per person on board of the kayaks ?

There is no weight limit on board of the kayaks, but the width of the seat could possibly hinder some customers.

Classic two-seater : 46 cm
Comfort single seater : 46 cm 
Two-seater Super Comfort : 46 cm
Canadian canoe: 2 seats 45cm - 1 seat 57 cm

For better handling of the kayak, we recommend that the strongest person should sit at the back of the two-seater and canoes.

For large people we recommend the single seater kayak.  


How deep is the water ?

The average depth of the Lesse is 1 metre, but some places are much deeper. Lifejackets are available free of charge and in all sizes for people who cannot swim.

They are compulsory for children under 10 years of age. 


What are the differences between the kayak models ?

  • The Classic kayak is available as a two-seater and a single-seater. It has the particularity of being "self-draining", meaning that the water that enters (when passing the dam for example, after the swirls) automatically comes out. There is no need to get out of the kayak and turn it over. 
  • The Comfort kayak is only available as a two-seater. More comfortable than the Classic with its half-height backrest, it is however less pleasant than the Super Comfort if you opt for the 21km.
  • The Super Comfort kayak is also available in two-seater and single-seater versions. Very stable and equipped with ergonomic seats and footrests, it is particularly suitable for the long 5-hour descent, so that you can enjoy nature in the most pleasant conditions possible.
  • The Canadian canoe is a boat similar to a dugout, also very stable, and can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child. 


What happens if I stop during the descent and don't want to go on ?

In the event of an accident or if you feel unwell, immediately call the fire brigade: dial the emergency number 112, and indicate the nearest boundary stone. 

If you are tired and simply wish to give up, go to one of the recovery points listed in our folder and call our office. We will pick you up as soon as a vehicle is available. Fee of 35 €/kayak.  


Are we covered in case of a problem ?

Dinant Evasion declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss or breakage of your personal belongings, during your descent down the Lesse or in one of the various car parks made available to you. 




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