Embark on the most beautiful day of your life!

Are you looking for an original wedding venue in Belgium?

Around you, wedding venues follow one another and all look alike: castle, castle farm or even large domain. Originality has gradually given way to clichés. But if you're reading this page, it's because you're not the type to "do what everyone else does", are you? So, surprise your guests by celebrating the most beautiful day of your life on board of our cruise ship, the Sax!

Departing from Dinant (or another town), embark on the Meuse for a romantic trip that is both unusual and bucolic.

An extraordinary reception hall


For your wedding, we put the most beautiful boat in our fleet at your disposal: the Sax. Available all year round (at quay or on the river) and equipped with all the modern facilities, this floating reception space has nothing to envy to traditional reception rooms.

In small groups for more intimacy or larger groups for the pleasure of celebrating together, the Sax can welcome up to 250 guests on board for a walking dinner and up to 150 guests for seated meal.

From the boat's interior rooms or from the outside terraces, enjoy a 360° view of the charismatic Mosan landscapes passing by in the Valley. Between nature and architecture, let yourself be tempted by the waves of this romantic crossing.


The boat is arranged on two levels:


  • The lower deck consists of the main reception area and its dance floor, the bar area as well as an equipped kitchen, the cloakroom and the sanitary facilities.
  • The upper deck has an indoor panoramic lounge.

There are also three outdoor terraces, some covered and some in open air. These offer privileged views of the valley during the cruise.

To get an even better idea of what you can expect, take a virtual tour of the boat and make up your own mind! Visualise the size of the rooms, see the different possible layouts and decorations and let your imagination take off!


A tailor-made organisation, according to your wishes and your budget


For the most beautiful day of your life, let your desires speak for themselves! Dinant Evasion supports you to make your wedding day unforgettable. We will accompany you as you wish, a little or a lot, but always with passion!

3 packages for your event:


1. A little - The boat is yours

This package offers you complete freedom to organise your wedding (decoration of the venue, choice of caterer, management of the bar, service in the areas, arrangement of furniture, etc.) and only includes the rental of the boat (and the provision of the crew in the event of a cruise).

By default, the Sax is rented with its furniture, crockery and glassware. However, it is quite possible to remove them to make room for yours.


2. A lot - A little of you, a little of us

Would you like to manage some posts and leave others to us? This is also possible!

You know the ideal person to take your wedding photos but you have no idea which caterer to turn to for your meal? Let's join forces!

With this package, we work closely to create together, a moment that suits you.


3. Passionately - We take care of everything

No more stressful preparations thanks to this package which includes the rental of the boat but also includes the complete organisation of your wedding by us!

Thanks to its experience in event planning, Dinant Evasion has made "wedding planning on the water" its favourite field.

We regularly work with various service providers who are used to our unusual reception space. Catering services, staff, interior decorators, DJ's, musicians, photographers and videographers of choice are ready to embark at your side to make your wedding day a moment out of time.

With this package, we become your main contact and orchestrate all the posts related to the wedding according to your expectations, so you can look forward to your big day with a much lighter heart.

Some technical information about the Sax

PRM accessibilityThe entire lower deck is accessible to wheelchair users.

On board

 - Central heating

- Electricity

- Sound system available

On request

 Provision of:

- Tablecloths and table covers

- Projection screen

- Projector


A river cruise for an original wedding


Although it is possible to stay at the quay from the beginning to the end, Dinant Evasion transforms weddings into real trips thanks to its concept, which is not very common in Belgium.

Our navigation itineraries:

1. From Dinant


From Dinant (1 hour from Brussels, in the Province of Namur), a charismatic city considered the 11th most beautiful European destination, welcome your guests on board of the Sax and leave together for the magnificent hamlet of Freÿr (15 kilometres from France).

At the rhythm of the Meuse, celebrate your union in a setting combining nature and romance. Admire the landscapes that pass by and reveal their treasures such as the famous Bayard Rock or the magnificent castle of Freÿr and its 18th century gardens nestled in the meanders of the Haute-Meuse.


The bride and groom's favourite - a photo session at the Chateau de Freyr.
And what if you stopped by the Chateau de Freyr to take your wedding photos?
Take advantage of this exceptional place full of history and cradled by nature to immortalise the moment of your union. Original, isn't it?



More attracted by the urban atmosphere? You can also navigate to Namur. You can enjoy the charm of the Mosan villas and enjoy a privileged view of the Lustin quarry on the right bank of the Meuse.


2. Choose your place of embarkation

Would you like to choose another Belgian river town as the departure and/or arrival point of your wedding cruise? Everything is possible. Our boat can meet you anywhere on the Meuse, between Liege and Givet (France).


Extend the moment with our accommodation solutions


Once the evening is over, what could be more practical than staying nearby? Dinant Evasion has a hotel and a large gîte at your disposal to accommodate guests who wish to sleep in the area after the ceremony.

Looking for privacy and simplicity? Choose for the rooms of the Aquatel Hotel in Dinant (Anseremme).

Do you want to maintain the warmth and conviviality of the moment? The Gîte de La Tour, located on the Caillou estate, is the ideal place to make the pleasure last in the heart of a green setting.


Some customer reviews:


"We come from Brussels and were looking for an original and exotic concept to celebrate our union; mission accomplished! We embarked near the Bayard Rock for what will undoubtedly remain the most beautiful of our cruises. What an indescribable feeling to get married on a boat surrounded by your loved ones. Belgium offers many spectacles; we fell in love with the Dinant region. Thank you to the whole team for this unforgettable day!"

Véronique & Olivier


"Yesterday was a perfect day.

We would like to thank you for the quality of service and the availability that you have shown. Such weddings are rare, we were enchanted by this cruise and our friends are of the same opinion. What an atmosphere!"

Aurore & Xavier

"Thanks again to Céline for being by our side for the organisation, and thanks to the crew and the staff on board.

Congratulations to all of you for your work."

Cindy & Sam

"It was indeed the best day of our lives... everything was perfect, masterfully managed!

Our guests were thrilled and amazed about the original and bold choice we had made, they had never been on a wedding cruise before. The hotel rooms were included in the offer, the organisation of events is indeed the domain of Dinant Evasion. If we had to do it again, we would do it without hesitation, we are already nostalgic!"

Laure & Quentin


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