For the environment of the Lesse,Dinant Evasion is committed !

Strict regulations now govern the practice of kayaking on the Lesse, and infringements are punishable by fines. 

This is an initiative by the authorities to protect the beauty and biodiversity of the valley to which we are compulsorily subjected, but above all which we support 100%. 


What offences? 

On the Lesse and its banks, it is strictly forbidden : 

  • To take cool boxes, portable barbecues or beer crates on board of the kayaks. 
    (your entire picnic should fit in 1 bucket/kayak),
  • To stop outside the areas indicated by the signs  
    (No sign? No halt!),
  • To make a fire,
  • To throw rubbish in the water or in the forest,
  • To disturb nature and animals,
  • To make noise in an untimely manner
    (shouting or listening to music on radios, speakers, etc.).
  • To degrade the riverbanks.

And absolutely obligatory : 

  • To pass the 2nd dam before 6pm (5pm before 15/06),
  • To respect the other users of the river, including fishermen and riverside residents.


How does it work ?

Identity Survey

To rent a kayak, it is now mandatory to provide the identity of a person responsible for the boat or group of boats he or she represents.

This identity is recorded at the time of your reservation, or at the checkout for customers who have not made a reservation.


Kayak/client link

Each kayak is provided with a number plate, to which your identity is computer-linked for the duration of the rental. A rental record (protected and secure) is kept, at the only disposal of the authorities.


Fine in the event of infringement

When an offence is detected, the agents consult the records and pass on the fine to the client responsible

SA Dinant Evasion cannot and under any circumstances be held responsible for any sanctions imposed on you during or after your descent. As this part of the process is exclusively the responsibility of the agents and the authority in charge of the sanction, it is only with them that a protest is possible.


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Is it really useful ?

Despite our previous efforts to raise awareness, more than 10 rubbish bags are collected every week on the banks of the Lesse. This does not include the dozens of barbecues lit up in the protected areas in defiance of the basic rules of safety and respect for the environment. Or the wild stops on the banks on private property.

In order to preserve the beauty of the river, respect for nature and the local residents is essential.


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