NEW - An ice rink accessible from 22 October to 22 januari !
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An ice rink accessible from 22 October to 22 januari ! NEW - An ice rink accessible from 22 October to 22 januari !

Open from October 22nd, a 200 m² skating rink made of real ice to enjoy a winter preview !

Complete your weekend with one of our adventure activities and a night at the Aquatel Hotel !



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The Ardennes are reinventing railway bikes ! 

Travel through the Molignée Valley in a 4-seater railbike on the old railway line linking Falaën to Maredsous in the heart of a wooded countryside.

3 routes to choose from :

  • Warnant-Falaën and return (8 km)
  • Falaën-Maredsous and return (6 km)
  • Warnant-Falaën-Maredsous and return (14 km), which gives you the opportunity to discover the famous Maredsous Abbey !


To discover wit our package Kayak + railbike,

or to combine with

An Ardennes challenge in Dinant Aventure (2:30)

Come and test the limits of your courage while enjoying the sumptuous panoramas offered from the highest point of the hill. An unforgettable adventure !

A Dinant-Anseremme cruise (00:45)

To continue the relaxation, but without any effort this time !



Our advice

This charming walk will seduce everyone! The very minimal difference in altitude does not require any sporting level and allows everyone to fully appreciate the ride. The machine offers 2 pedals, but 4 places in total: in case of tiredness, just take turns! The youngest children will rather let themselves be carried along by the efforts of their parents.

Booking required

Combined activities are only available on prior booking.

Periods and opening hours

The draisines are accessible :

From 30/03 to 11/11:

Warnant-Falaën and return (8 km) or Warnant-Falaën-Maredsous and return (14 km);
Departures at 10:00 - 12:00 - 14:00 - 16:00.

All year round: 

Falaën-Maredsous and return (6 km);
Departures at 11:00 - 13:00 - 15:00 & 17:00 (except during winter)


If you only wish to take part in the railbike ride,

booking must be made directly with our partner.



How to reach the railbikes :

Address : Rue de la Molignée 116 - 5537 ANHEE

Ample free car park - also accessible to buses and coaches


Any other questions ?

Many answers are already at your disposal, have a look on 

F. A. Q.

For timetables, organisation and booking conditions, please read here

Practical information

While personalised advice and requests for quotes can be found there

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Dinant-Waulsort cruise or Dinant-Freÿr + visit of the castle

Watching or visiting ? The choice is yours !

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Catering for groups


Discover the many options of our 3 catering areas !
(min. 20 pers.)


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