Kayak temporarily closed due to drought BUT ...
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Kayak temporarily closed due to drought BUT ... Kayak temporarily closed due to drought BUT ...

The descents of the Lesse are unfortunately suspended at the moment because of the drought, 

BUT a new version of kayaking is now possible : discover rowboating between the Meuse and the Lesse !

And complete your day with one of our other activities : the Dinant Aventure challenges or the cruises on the Meuse


Our related activities



A refreshing alternative !

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Ardennes Challenge

The ideal programme to try your first "adventure" steps !

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Dinant-Anseremme cruise

A summary of the most beautiful views of the centre of Dinant !

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Alps Challenge

More sporty, this programme will delight climbing enthusiasts !

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Mont-Blanc Challenge

The happy mix ! The best of the most fun, with a little bit of effort on top of it.

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Annapurna Challenge

The combination of our most daring courses !

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Frenzy, reflexes, action, teamwork and composure? You've come to the right place !

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Lasergame outdoor

Frenzy, reflexes, action, teamwork and composure ? You've come to the right place !

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Day or night dropping

A challenge combining reflection and a sense of direction, to be taken up in teams!

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Why are these activities only available in combination ? 

Because all the activities of the "Visits" department are offered by partners. If it is only this activity that interests you, simply contact the partner directly. Follow the link on the form to discover their own site. 


Is booking compulsory ?

Yes, it is. Otherwise we cannot guarantee a quality reception for the entire combo... 

For all details about bookings (modification, cancellation, etc.) go to the general F.A.Q. Dinant Evasion.


How are the activities combos organised ? 

When you book via our form, you indicate an approximate start time for your day. Depending on the type of programme you request, our secretary will confirm the exact times and meeting points to be respected. It all depends on the nature of the activities and the remaining availability on the requested date.


Is there a shuttle provided to get from one place to another?

No, there isn't. You always have to plan your own transport, except of course for the descent of the Lesse, where we do provide a shuttle service between departure and arrival.



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