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Min. no. of people

+/- 2:00

Disabled persons access

Dog friendly

Min. age
10 years old

A walk that will awaken all you

At the bend in the paths, you will discover the beauty of a wild flora. By listening, you will enjoy the sounds of the wind in the trees. With your fingertips, you will test the different types of stones that make up the hill. And as a culmination, our guide will offer you a taste of the edible, aromatic or condiment plants that populate our slopes.

This discovery, which lasts about 2 hours, will not fail to amaze you. It is sometimes challenging to remember that there is a whole world ... simply at our feet ! 


Don't forget to bring :

Good walking shoes, to walk through the rocky paths in complete safety. 



Our advice 

This walk is physically accessible to all, possibly with the help of a walking stick for those who have a little difficulty moving around. It is mainly a walk with several stops of relatively long duration. 

It will be of interest to children from the age of 10 upwards, but they will without a doubt prefer a bit of action, as proposed by the Orienteering race or the Ardennes challenge.


Prices 2024

Price per person : 

12 €

Booking required

In order to ensure that a guide 
is quickly available on your arrival, it is essential to make a booking in advance.

How to reach us

Address : Rue de la carrière 1 - 5500 DINANT (Entrance via the Penant rest area)

Ample free car park - also accessible to buses and coaches


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