A selection of activities which you are particularly likely to appreciate !



Paintball / Lasergame
& Bachelor / Bachelorette party


In rabbit costume, assault formation,... it's up to you to find the best way to enjoy our 3 landscaped grounds


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Kayak packages

With our favourite :
Kayak + VTT


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Adventure challenges

With a minimum of 10 people, you choose the day and time at your best convenience ! 


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Electric boats rental, 
aperitif included ! 

The Meuse, your own boat,
and a cooler with everything you need
for a perfect aperitif


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In group … 

As soon as your group reaches a minimum of 20 participants, all the tourist activities of Dinant Evasion are accessible at reduced rates, and a range of specific programmes are open to you as well!

Discover the Lesse Trophy, or the Fauna & Flora discovery tour, the Hiking rally and the orienteering-riddle race at Dinant Aventure as well as the cruises on the river Meuse.



At the arrival of the kayaks, on the Dinant Aventure park or on the boats, a wide range of plates, buffets, menus and desserts are available.

Stay together 

Dinant Evasion also offers accommodation solutions for groups.

From practical and efficient standard hotels to ultra-equipped large-capacity gîtes, stay at the heart of our activities! 


Our accommodation for groups