Published on 25/08/2023

Back to school is already on the doorstep… It’s time to think about planning school trips that will boost your teaching and captivate your class.

Amusement park, museum, abbey, farm or castle, you have toured Belgium in terms of school trips and are looking for new ideas for your next excursion/ stay or change of scenery? Wallonia is full of hidden gems, extraordinary activities for your elementary pupils or high school students, waiting to be discovered.

At Dinant Evasion, for example, we offer arange of enriching activities designed to stimulate the spirit of your students and strengthen their cohesion. To break the ice between your teenagers at the beginning of the year, develop self-confidence and thus promote verbal expression in class or alternative learning, opt for a school trip or an excursion with Dinant Evasion!

Give your elementary pupils or high school students an unforgettable adventure.


Sport, a teacher who teaches values

Some values, however fundamental, cannot be learned on school benches through traditional teaching. Sport can play a crucial role in children’s development. Indeed, it instills in them values that are essential to life in society and essential for their educational process, such as perseverance, time management, team spirit, self-confidence, fairness and respect.

All these life lessons, acquired during sports activities, have a direct impact on your students, on their way of communicating together, on their way of apprehending the material or even regulating their stress.


For sports and educational school outings:

Kayaking down the Lesse


Immersed in the wilderness, your students paddle the Lesse and become one with one of the most famous rivers in Belgium.  12 or 21 km, choose the route and go for this original school activity particularly appreciated by high school students.

Among laughter, rhythm and discoveries, cohesion and coordination very quickly appear onboard kayaks !


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Treetop challenge at the Dinant Aventure park


A playground suspended in the air for the greatest pleasure of your students ! In this park, underground tunnels intrigue,monkey bridges and ziplines cleverly connect trees with each other, rocks, strewn with obstacles defy carabiners. At the top of the hill, the amphitheater becomes the arena of the wildest sensations thanks to its adrenaline-rich challenges.

Choose the treetop challenge adapted to the level of your class and go on a school outing in the great outdoors !


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Experience, for effective and sustainable learning


You have certainly noticed that your students better learn and retain material be when it is presented in the form of activities or games. Indeed, learning is optimized when children are fully involved in a practical situation. It stimulates their senses and pushes them to explore, experiment and question themselves.

This practice allows students to integrate a subject more quickly in a sustainable way.


For a discovery and education oriented school trip :

Cruise on the Meuse River


Take advantage of the proximity of the Meuse to board with your class for a 45-minute or a 2-hour cruise. For a moment of relaxation or in order to tackle a subject in an original way (fauna and flora, waterways, the principle of communicating vessels in the locks, ...), sail lightly on one of the most famous rivers of Belgium.

Among nature, history and architecture, a trip with your class that promises to be particularly rewarding.


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Make your school trip even more extraordinary thanks to our partner activities!

Cruise on the Meuse combined with an “educational and fun” visit

Visit of the Maison de la Pataphonie: Explore this intriguing place where obsolete objects come together to deliver unsuspected resonances ! An incredible interactive museum filled with weird sounds and instruments to listen to and experiment with, conducted by the rhythmic guidance of Master Pataphon !


Orientation- riddles


Who said curiosity was a bad thing? As part of this activity, it could prove to be a real asset for your students! Survey the park in search of hidden beacons, solve riddles to accumulate bonus points, ...

This exciting walk in the great outdoor will require concentration and collaboration! 


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Optimize your school trip by combining several activities!

Compose your outing/stay as you wish by combining several activities and fully enjoy your getaway far from the school walls. Also discover our own combinations and opt for a package that has already proven itself with many children and adolescents!

For your school stays, count on our many accommodation solutions close to the activities settings.


Are you a teacher? Come as a scout!

With the EducPass card, come and test our activities for free and get more concrete ideas about your excursion project.  

Discover the adventure park in preview and evaluate the trails to determine which one will best suit your school groups.

Climb aboard ourkayaksor a cruise ship to live the experience in advance and identify, any educational avenues.


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