At the adventure park

Under arbors, Bluesless kitchens can be exported punctuating your adventure with a lovely buffet or concluding with a delicious barbecue.

For larger groups, a tent can also be deployed upon our vast versatile plain of 5000 m².

Pay attention that meals on the adventure site are only available for groups of min. 20 pers.

Breakfast7,50 €

Lunch packet

2 sandwiches - 1 drink - 1 fruit - 1 snack

8,50 €

Régional chesse and cold cuts buffet

Different kinf of bread with a choice of various cheeses topping (Maredsous, Chimay, Boursin) and cold cuts (Ardennes sausage and ham, Semois pâté).

15,00 €

Local products buffet

Smoked trout from Annevoie, smoked ostrich from Sorinnes, Ardennes ham, Semois pâté, Maredsous, Rochefort,Orval and Chimay cheese.
Basket of assorted rolls farm butter and seasonnal salads.

20,50 €


Option n°1 - 2 sausages rolls with onions and salads

Option n°2 - Beef kebab, bacon and herb sausages, with various salads, sauces, potatoes, rice, pasta, garlic butter, bread en butter

8,50 €
21,00 €


Chocolate mousse

3,50 €

Drink proposals :

n°11 kir + 1 glass of wine, beer or soft + 1 coffee9,00 €
n°21 kir + 2 glasses of wine, beer or soft + 1/4 water + 1 coffee13,50 €
n°31 kir + 1/2 bottle of wine + 1/4 water + 1 coffee16,50 €

For a quality service, please book.

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