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Is it compulsory to book ?

It is highly recommended for challenges, to ensure that a monitor is immediately available you’re your arrival.

It is obligatory for all our other activities (paintball, lasergame, bachelor/bachelorette party,caving, etc.).

For other questions about booking, please consult the specific page or our general terms of sale.


How to get dressed ?

We advise you to wear practical and sporty clothes and walking shoes.


Is the car park guarded ?

No, it isn’t. There is no surveillance provided for vehicles in the car park. As it is part of the Penant rest area (N97 motorway), we recommend that you do not leave any valuables visible. SA Dinant Evasion declines all responsibility in the event of damage or offences committed on vehicles parked in the car park.


Is there a shuttle service ?

There is no shuttle service to Dinant Aventure, but the Park is easily accessible by car, or by a hiking path from our office in Anseremme (+/- 30 minutes walk).


How high are the monkey bridges and zip lines ?

The bridges are at varying heights from 2 to 12 metres above the ground. The Big Bridge is 60 metres above the ground. 

The starting point of the telepherique is 35 metres high, the death ride at 40 metres. 


If one of the bridges seems too frightening to us, can we skip it ?

Of course you can. In case of too intense vertigo, it is possible to take a diversion on a path to get to the next activity. The monitors are there to encourage you, but not to force you.


Is it possible to come with a pram ?

In this case, a member of the family or group must stay on the ground and look after the child while the rest of the group is on the course.

Pushchairs are allowed, but the paths are not concreted and therefore difficult to walk on.


Are dogs allowed ?

Dogs are allowed on the site as in a classic public place: kept on a leash and excrement collection is compulsory.


Are we insured in case of problems ?

Dinant Evasion declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss or breakage of your personal belongings, during your activities or in one of the various car parks made available to you. 



We are insured for operational liability, which only intervenes in the event of a fault on our part (supervision, condition of the installations, etc.).

Everyone is responsible for his own liability insurance in all other cases.



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