On its edge, more than a century contemplates … 

The boat Le Mouche has been cruising the Meuse since 1899, first near Liège, then in Namur, and finally in Dinant after 1977. More than 130 years of activity have given it the undeniable charm of perfectly maintained and preserved old buildings.

On the upper part, a vast covered deck allows you to enjoy the sweetness of a beautiful afternoon, while the closed lounge will shelter you from possible draughts.

In the lower lounge, our staff will serve you a delicious coffee or a refreshing drink.

From April to October, Le Mouche will take you for pleasant personalised cruises, for a simple walk or an afternoon punctuated, why not, by a cold buffet?

The beautiful size of the boat allows a total of 200 people on board.


Characteristics of Le Mouche


  • 35 metres long by 6 metres wide
  • Covered front deck with 50 seats
  • Panoramic restaurant room with a capacity of 60 people at table 
  • Covered back deck with 15 seats
  • Room with a bar and 36 people at table
  • Free of caterer



Our advice

Larger than Le Copère, the boat Le Mouche offers you an old-fashioned atmosphere that is ideal for birthdays and weddings.

For a more modern or professional atmosphere, see the new decorations of the boat Le Sax.


Prices 2024

Minimum package, including 1 hour at the quay + 3 hours of navigation  : 

1200 €


Overtime at quay : 200 €/h

Overtime sailing hours : 300 €/h


Rates valid from Monday to Friday midday except on public holidays.

Minimum package, including 1 hour at the quay + 3 hours of navigation : 

1300 €


Overtime at quay : 250 €/h

Overtime sailing hours : 350 €/h


Rates valid from Friday evening to Sunday and on public holidays

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