What to do with your doggie ? 


Well behaved dogs are welcome, however only if they are accompanied by far-sighted owners who will always make sure to keep them on a leash and to collect their poo in our facilities.

Kayak tour down the river Lesse

Small dogs that can stand between your knees may board for free.

The place of larger dogs which therefore require a seat for them alone, is chargeable.

Our advice:

Avoid  busy days (weekends in general and particularly sunny days) because the crowd, the paddles of other kayaks noise  ... can be a source of  intense stress for your furry friend.

We do not have suitable life jackets, bring your own if necessary.

Dinant Adventure Park

Canine spectators are allowed: they may not  climb the monkey bridges, but keep company to your photographer cousin who immortalizes your best triumph against vertigo!

Cruises on the Meuse

Dogs are allowed aboard the Dinant-Anseremme and Dinant-Freÿr tourist cruises only.

They can surely  sit on your lap, sot hey can  leave the seats to humans.

Our advice :

If you have a large dog (labrador, shepherd, etc.) find out about the boat that provides the day's service before buying tickets: some have narrower aisles where your bow-wow might feel not comfortable.

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