Contributors to the honor and team spirit strengthened

This challenge is especially conceived to encourage participants to consult and listen to each other in order to highlight everybody's strengths and qualities to overcome the obstacles.

It is impossible to succeed in the “Construction” lap without a close collaboration between team mates. Some examples :

  • The Big Eight : All participants have one hand attached to the same rope at about 1m and a half from one another. The mission is to succeed in forming an eight shape with the rope, without anyone letting go of this rope... Fit of giggles guaranteed!
  • The Lift : A wall, a gallows, a rope and one goal: the entire team needs to get up the wall, each member being hauled up by the others. A challenge which requires thought, strength evaluation and effort distribution.

  • The Pyramid : Once again, the task is to reach the peak, but in this case, by forming a human pyramid in order to attach a rope ladder to the top of the wall so that everyone can raise to the heights.
  • The Stapes : two big beams fixed to trees in parallel at 2m and a half from the ground, are lined with metallic rings. The goal is to form stapes with the provided material and do the crossing over from one beam to another.

  • The Spider Web : A vertical square-shaped cable construction with a width of 4m and a height of 1m and a half is fixed in between two trees. In this frame, a spider web is weaved with some rope. The entire team needs to pass from one side of the web to the other without touching it... Yet another moment of genuine amusement!

These are just a few of the many obstacles, tens of others await you! In two hours, it is possible to carry out 3 to 5 obstacles.

Many employers were pleasantly surprised to see some of their more reserved and discreet employees taking the leadership role in the operations. Moreover, the challenges always take place in an excellent atmosphere of good mood and lots of laughter.

To continue, two hours of the Ardennes challenge to enjoy, all together, some relaxing moments away from the daily grind :

  • Initiation course
    Four small rope bridges suspended from a maximum height of 2 meters.

  • High flying course
    Above the ground, let yourself slide along a succession of rope bridges (beams, planks, logs with irregular spacing) to reach the top of the rock. A tour of the rocky amphitheater on bridges of more or less 5 to 50 m of length and 12 meters above the ground.

  • The Big Bridge
    The highest and longest rope bridge in Belgium, 170 m above the river Meuse.

  • Telepherique
    Suspended by a cable harness at 45°, 35 m cliff down fall. Speed controlled by the instructor.

Prices :

Price per pers.

Min. 10 pers.

Min. 20 pers.

"Construction" lap (2h)24 € excl. of VAT21,70 € excl. of VAT
Teambuilding challenge - full programme (4h)38 € excl. of VAT33,10 € excl. of VAT


Several options can be added to this program :

  • A welcoming with coffee and croissant
  • A buffet lunch with regional products
  • Special “shiver” activities: funcable, deathride or the impressive XL Swing
  • Closing drink
  • Evening party on board of one of our cruise boats

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