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Min. age
12 years old

The key to a successful team ? Moving together in the same direction.

This is the principle on which our Construction course has been designed: it is impossible to overcome the various obstacles without close cooperation with your team members.

A few examples

  • The Big Eight
    The participants are all hooked with one hand to the same rope and distributed about 1.5m apart. The mission is to manage to form a figure eight knot in this rope, without anyone letting go of their hand... a great moment of laughter in general !
  • The Elevator
    A wall, a gallows, a rope and an objective: that the whole group is at the top of this wall, each person having to be pulled up by the strength of the others. An ordeal that requires reflection, evaluation of power and distribution of effort.
  • The Pyramid
    Once again we must reach the top, but this time by forming a human pyramid. You can then hang a rope ladder at the top of the wall, so that everyone can climb to the top.  

We keep the suspense with these 3 proposals, because there are still about ten more !

In 2 hours a group manages to complete between 3 and 5 obstacles.



Our advice  

The course is accessible to all, because this is the very principle of the activity: helping each other to reach the end of the event as a team.  

It will be ideal for a moment in the open air between an early morning meeting and a pleasant end to the day on board the boat Le Sax !

Are you looking for a more adventurous outing? Opt for the 4-hour version of the programme or complete the day with a game of lasergame outdoor.


Reservation required

In order to ensure you receive quality supervision, it is essential to book in advance.

Prices 2023

Price per person : 

28 €

Price per person:

26 €

Price per person:

23,00 €


Only available for school or scouts with a minimum of 20 participants. 

How to reach us

Address : Rue de la carrière 1 - 5500 DINANT (Entrance via the Penant rest area)

Ample free car park - also accessible to buses and coaches


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