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Ardennes Challenge

The ideal programme to try your first "adventure" steps !

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Alps Challenge

More sporty, this programme will delight climbing enthusiasts !

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Dinant-Anseremme cruise

A summary of the most beautiful views of the centre of Dinant !

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Dinant-Freÿr cruise

The perfect trip to explore the many facets of the Meuse valley.

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One starting point, but two atmospheres to choose from! Which one will you choose ? 

On the upstream side, you quickly leave Dinant and the charming village of Anseremme for quieter spaces and bucolic panoramas. An atmosphere of serenity and relaxation will permeate your journey to the port of Givet, at the gateway to France.

On the downstream side, the Meuse really comes alive. Its inhabited banks are marked by a teeming urban life and water sports activities. The landscape is particularly varied, alternating between wooded hills, Meuse villas and urban areas, until you reach the heart of the city of Namur.

For a day or a weekend, always a superb moment of relaxation and escape ! 

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  • 8 hours of navigation - 8 lock passages (round trip)
  • Dinant, Freyr, Waulsort, Givet puis retour vers Dinant

Take the helm towards the most natural and peaceful reach of the Belgian Upper Meuse.

Leaving Dinant, you will still enjoy the charming village of Anseremme before entering the first lock, to be experienced as a real gateway to the most peaceful landscapes of the Meuse.

On the way to the French border, nature takes over again, but here again the landscape will surprise you.

On the way, you will pass the Castle of Freÿr and its famous gardens with its three hundred year old orange trees, before continuing your cruise and perhaps stopping off at Waulsort in search of the Villa 1900, a true witness of the Belle Epoque of the Meuse region. Then continue to Givet : a small town with the charm of yesteryear and beautifully flowered streets, dominated by the Fort de Charlemont, a stronghold that once controlled the road and river traffic on the French-Belgian border.

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only if you already have your restricted VHF certificate

  • 9h30 of navigation - 12 lock passages
  • Dinant, Yvoir, Godinne, Profondeville, Wépion, Namur

Between Dinant and Namur, drift through the most animated of our routes!

A cruise with a city-trip feel in the capital: on board the boat, you take your little bubble of tranquillity for a ride through a lively, even hectic valley!

On this route, the landscapes alternate between urban centres, green hills, sumptuous Meuse villas, water sports and leisure centres, active quarries and centuries-old fortresses. Whether you are on the way there or the way back, there will always be a detail to surprise and amaze you.

As with destinations on the french side of the river, there are many tourist options. Stop off at Annevoie for a visit of the famous Gardens, or head straight to Namur to discover its imposing Citadel, the Casino, the Félicien Rops Museum or simply stroll through the market and the old quarters .


To get away from it all


Opt for a full relaxation and serenity trip through the French Ardennes!

With the Mid Week and Semaineoptions, really extend the pleasure and enjoy a complete immersion in the quiet world of yachting.


The yachts



Capacity : 4 pers.

Comfort : 

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Capacity : 5 pers.

Comfort : 

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Capacity : 7 pers.

Comfort : 

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