Cruise up the Meuse to meet its most natural and wildest landscapes

Narrower valley, hills of greenery as far as the eye can see, 100% natural banks, ... the French version of the Meuse can only surprise you : far from the wide and disciplined river of Belgium, a space that seems almost intimate in comparison and immediately plunges you into a vacation atmosphere ! 

yachting by Dinant Evasion | Route Dinant-Monthermé | Dinant Evasion

Weekend trip | Dinant-Givet

  • 8 hours of navigation - 8 lock passages (round trip)
  • Dinant, Freyr, Waulsort, Givet puis retour vers Dinant

Escape for a weekend and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Meuse Valley. Leaving Dinant, pass by theCastle of Freÿrand its famous gardens with its three hundred year old orange trees, continue your cruise and make a stopover in Waulsort in search of theVilla 1900, a true witness of the Belle Epoque of the Meuse region. Then continue to Givet: a small town with the charm of yesteryear and beautifully flowered streets, dominated by theFort de Charlemont, a stronghold that once controlled the road and river traffic on the French-Belgian border.

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Friday 17:00Sunday 17:00


Midweek | Dinant-Haybes

  • 14h30 of navigation - 18 lock passages (round trip)
  • Dinant, Freÿr, Waulsort, Givet, Ham-Sur-Meuse, Aubrives, Vireux-Wallerand, Fépin, Haybes

Beyond Givet, extend the pleasure to the Mohron valley and its slate: a mountain of discoveries await you! In particular the impressive crossing of the boat tunnel at Ham-Sur-Meuse (565m), and an amazing visit to the Roman camp of Vireux-Wallerand, which will take you through the corridors of time to discover its ancient bread oven, as well as its chapel and a marvellous viewpoint over the Meuse valley.

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Monday 12:00Friday 12:00


Week | Dinant-Monthermé

  • 27 hours of navigation - 34 lock passages (round trip)
  • Dinant, Freÿr, Waulsort, Givet, Ham-Sur-Meuse, Aubrives, Vireux-Wallerand, Fépin, Haybes, Fumay, Revin, Monthermé

Set off for a week of total escape through breathtaking landscapes. Discover the architectural prowess of the Saint-Georges Church of Fumay, let yourself be tempted by a walk through theRocheteau municipal park, a real haven of peace, and continue your stay to the Abbey Saint Remy de Laval Dieu, a baroque heritage that is the pride of its region !

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Friday 17:00Friday 10:00



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Then opt for the most beautiful « Belgian » part of the Meuse and take advantage of our weekend or daily rental packages.

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Then why not spend a night in the unusual atmosphere of a boat moored in the city centre? Your very own cocoon, while remaining close to everything ! 


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