Published on 30/03/2021


Some adaptations are temporarily necessary in order to welcome you in the best conditions.


Applied for all activities : 

  • Booking highly recommended (limited numbers of kayaks/challenges).
  • 1 booking = 1 family or a bubble of 4 people max. - children under 12 not included.
  • Everybody has to wear a mask in all infrastructures (from 12 years old)
  • Bring your own mask - Masks for sale on site. : 1€/piece.
  • Respect the markings in the queues. One person per booking in the queue.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel available on site.


Regarding canoeing down the river Lesse

  • From 12 years old everybody has to wear a mask in all infrastructures (cash desk, train, boarding, WC, changing rooms) except on board of the kayak.
  • Showers and changing rooms CLOSED at the arriving point.
  • WC open at the start and arriving point - NOT on the river ! 
  • No kayak gatherings.
  • Do not exchange material with other people.
  • Snacks and restaurants accessible under condition (take away).



Regarding Dinant Aventure

  • Everybody must put his/her harness on by him/herself (children can of course be helped by their parents or an instructor).
  • Changing rooms accessible - No personal items may be left in our offices.
  • Strictly observe the instructions of the instructors.
  • Drinks available at the drink dispenser.
  • No gathering allowed in the park nor on the parking lot.







      be patient and courteous with other customers,

      and above all, take care of yourself !